How to place your baby monitor

How to place your baby monitor 

What is meant by baby monitor?

Baby monitor is used to track the baby movements during the sleep time best wifi baby monitor. Parents can’t be always with the baby at any time. They will be having some kind of works too so, on that time baby monitor act as the care taker of the baby. Once the baby starts to cry due to any distraction or wake up from the sleep, it will immediately send the alert to the parent who have the receiver. The baby monitor is a device with transmitter and receiver. The transmitter needs to be fixed on the baby’s crib and the receiver need to be kept along with the parent. So, once the baby starts to cry it will send signal to the receiver. Then the parent can come to the baby and pamper them at once. 

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The transmitter has different models, some will have speaking mode in that parent can communicate to the baby through the receiver and the baby will hear the sound of the parent from the transmitter. The transmitter will have mike attached to it. So keen sound can be also recorded here. Then some baby monitors will come along with the camera, in this type we can record the video of the baby. The baby monitor will capture each and every moment clearly without fail. This will help the parents to know what the baby is doing on the crib. Parents can watch the baby’s move at anytime from anywhere so, it will be more helpful than normal baby monitors. And some type will have music system too. It plays light music to the baby and baby will feel comfortable during the sleep. There will be no distractions too.

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Where to place the baby monitor?

This is most important thing in baby monitor device, because we need to place the baby monitor at correct place to receive the exact sound from the baby. If we place at the wrong place the baby monitor is used for nothing. During the first 6 months of journey, the baby monitor needs to place on the baby’s crib. The new born baby sound will be low and the baby monitor can’t receive it properly. So, if we place on the crib it will be more helpful to receive the exact sound of the baby. Then after the 6 months of time, the baby monitor can be placed at some distance because baby will be grown up and they will be familiar to the surroundings and won’t cry always. 

Some noise will be come from the baby monitor, so it disturbs the baby’s sleep. And the device needs to be switched off during the night time. Then only the babies will have regular sleep pattern. Mostly after the six months of time, baby won’t wake up during the night time. The baby monitor can be placed on the wall by making holes on the wall. The baby monitor needs to be placed straight to the baby’s crib to receive the sound and record the video of the baby.